How to Win for having fun…

Want to win big for singing? You can! The contest is easy. Find a song that you like from the extensive WooFDriver collection. Then sing, lip sync, dance, or burn it up and record yourself doing it for 6 seconds. Post it to Vine using the #6 Second Covers. On Friday’s the weekly winners will be selected, you can win anywhere from $10.00 to $200.00. To start the game off right the winning entry for the first week of August will get the grand prize of $200.00.

Don’t want to sing it yourself, but still want to see yourself singing? Or you want to see your dog sing? You can do that too! Submit a profile picture of yourself (or your dog) and we will make a video of you. We will need 2 pictures of you, one of front and left side of your face. You will need to have a neutral expression, meaning no smiling or laughing and look straight into the camera. An example is listed below.


Submit your photos using the contact form below:

July, 27Dog Ditty
July, 24WoofTunes Library
July, 26TaeVerge
July, 24Get Excited

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